The 6 Best Teeth Whitening Machines of 2021

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Tooth whitening has been popular for a long time, and although we have 10 years of experience in this field, we are always exploring how to do tooth whitening faster, more effectively, and more safely, to provide our customers with tooth whitening machines that are more suitable for them.

What is the working principle of tooth whitening machines/lamps?

The teeth whitening machine is to activate the ingredient of hydrogen peroxide with high-intensity color blue light 480-520nm, under the Oxidation-reduction, the effective ingredients pass through the dental tubule to remove the stains on the tooth. In other words, hydrogen oxide can dissolve the stains on the enamel and dentin layer, thus whitening teeth. The role of the teeth whitening machine in this process is to speed up the chemical reaction to remove stains, removing more stains at the same time, and you can also quickly have clean teeth in a short period to make your smile brighter. Although tooth whitening gel is the most important part of tooth whitening, we can not ignore the significant promoting effect of the instrument.

Do I need a tooth whitening machine?

Tooth whitening machines are generally only used for professional dental clinics or beauty salons and need to work together with professional tooth whitening kits, so the operation process requires some work experience. When one patient chooses to go to the dental clinic for tooth whitening, then his/her demand must be whitening for faster and more effective treatment, so equipped with professional lamps is necessary. Professional tooth whitening can improve teeth by 4-12 shades in one-time treatment, and it lasts for a long time, which can help more people with this need.

What are the characteristics of a good whitening machine?

The quality of the whitening machine is often reflected in whether each treatment is effective because the whitening degree of everyone’s teeth is different after the operation, but a good whitening machine will shorten the difference. And the service life is longer, and there will be no after-sales issues. Whitening lamps have different styles, weights, and functions. According to the needs of different patients, some of them have mobile wheels and some do not.

One of the important concerns is whether the dexterity of the arm joint will make the whole operation comfortable and reasonable. Most whitening lamps can adjust the operation time and exposure power, because each person’s tooth sensitivity and acceptance are different, adjusting the appropriate time can better adapt to the special needs of each patient. The machine must have a certain heat dissipation function to avoid any damage to the teeth.

How to choose a suitable tooth whitening machine?

We can see that there are many different lamps in the market, and the prices vary greatly. According to the different functions and requirements, we recommend the following:

teeth whitening machine 666

Model No: FT-666 

Cheap price, stable performance
All basic functionalities
Easy to operate, contains a remote controller
Low shipping freight
Very popular in the Japanese market!

Mainly applicable to dental clinics, dental training schools

teeth whitening machine 885

Model No: FT-885

Allowed to adjust the time, intensity, and color 
(equipped with four light source output modes).
Free angle adjustment and strong mobility.
5-inch touch electronic screen with high sensitivity.
The boot screen can be customized to enhance the influence of the brand.
Most popular in the Russian market!

Mainly applicable to dental clinics, beauty salons

teeth whitening machine FT-668A

Model No: FT-668A

40W, high power, one time could improve 4-12 shades.
Simple design, easy to operate. 
Could adjust the intensity of the light.

No after-sales issues.
Very popular in the EU and the US markets!
Mainly applicable to dental clinics, dental training schools

teeth whitening machine FT-668B

Model No: FT-668B

The elegant design, and can adjust the time and intensity of power
With an aluminum alloy case, easy to take everywhere.
Most popular in the US and Germany.
Mainly applicable to Beauty salons, Mobile teeth whitening salons

ft 999b

Model No: FT-888A

Small size, cheap freight, save space, can operate easily at any time, anywhere.
Contain aluminum alloy box.
36W, high power, one time could improve 4-12 shades.
Most popular in France, Morocco, Algeria
Mainly applicable to Small dental clinics, beauty salons

FT-888C teeth whitening machine details

Model No: FT-888C

Luxurious design, full of sense of science and technology.
A 60W blue whitening lamp can improve 6-12 whitening shades at one time.
Fast whitening and comfortable operation. loved by lots of customers.

Mainly applicable to high-end clinics and beauty salons.

What kind of mood would it be if it was accompanied by a fashionable and lovely whitening egg chair when doing tooth whitening?

professional teeth whitening machines

By comparison, I believe you can now begin to choose the instrument that is more suitable for you. What suits your patient’s needs is the best. If you have any questions, please leave us a message, or add WhatsApp 0086 13613857350, and we will send you more information.


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