Dental Digital X-ray Machine Makes Treatment More Professional and Credible

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What is an X-ray machine?

At the end of the 19th century, scientist discovered the X-Ray which is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength range of 0.01 to 10 nanometers and can’t be seen by naked eye. Usually, digital X-Ray machine mainly consists of two parts, X-ray generator and sensor. X-ray generator emits a beam of concentrated electrons which come into contact with human tissue and are absorbed to different degrees by different tissues. Digital sensor instead of film is used to capture residual X-ray images. The teeth and surrounding bones that have absorbed the rays appear lighter on the X-Ray sensor. In case of decay, missing teeth or broken bones, it will be shown by darkened areas on the entire oral cavity. However, with some tweaks on the X-Ray generator, where the ability of the rays is set to different wavelengths, soft tissue also can be seen. This is the basic principle of taking pictures with X-ray machines.

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The most common digital x-rays machines in dental office include two types: the intraoral X-ray and the extraoral X-ray. As its name implies, intraoral X-ray is that sensor is inside the mouth, such as Bitewing X-rays,Periapical X-rays;  extraora X-ray is that sensor is outside the mouth, such as Panoramic X-rays,  Computed Tomography X-ray.

   intraoral x ray                panoramic x rays2                                                 Periapical X-rays                                                                    Panoramic X-rays

Things that appear on the X-ray sensor are extremely helpful:
For checking for cavities on teeth.
For assessing for tumors or cysts in the oral cavity.
For checking for foreign objects in the gum, tooth, or bone.
For monitoring the teeth growing process in children.

Why is an X-ray machine essential in dental office?

By a visual inspection, an experienced professional can spot some dental problems, but it can’t tell the professional everything they genuinely need to know, such as between and inside the teeth, roots and bones located underneath the gum line. That is why the patient will almost always be advised to get x-rays, when visiting a dentist for the first time. Professional dentist will not find a more valuable tool than the x-ray machine to get a clearer understanding of a patient’s current dental health status. The advancement of X-ray machines help professional to diagnose problems years in an advance and prevent them from becoming serious. Moreover, When dentist is talking about jaw damage or crown damage with the patient ,a clear pictures is greatly helpful to get his point across. In short, the X-rays are used to give out a clear presentation of the mouth as a guide to the bearing of various dental procedures. So to speak,the X-ray machines are not optional, they’re downright essential.

talking about jaw

As the technology develops, dental X-rays machine with user-friendly software is easy to operate, but it’s crucial for dental professionals to follow proper safety protocols to minimize radiation exposure to both patients and staff. This includes using lead aprons, thyroid collars, and other protective gear, as well as ensuring that machines are properly calibrated and maintained. Additionally, dentists should carefully evaluate the necessity of X-ray imaging for each patient. The radiation emitted from dental X-ray machines is very low and safe for both children and adults. However, pregnant mothers are advised to steer clear away from the X-rays to avoid affecting the baby.

x ray safe for children

How to choose the right dental X-rays machine?

Usually, dental X-rays machines are pretty expensive. Its cost lies in its functionality and durability. Some of dental X-ray machines are expensive, but they cost way less in maintenance and operation costs. You should do research and make sure that you get the right product for your use case. The size of your premises is also a factor to consider when looking for an X-ray machine. Generally, extraoral X-ray machines need enough space to be accommodated.

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Additionally,company reputation is essential when focusing on aspects such as quality and customer support.  If any issue arises, you are sure of professional help to be accorded to you in sorting out the problem at hand. Dentalkeys, over 12 years’effort, is regarded with features of cost-effective and long lifetime and has gained a good reputation overseas and a high purchase rate. Here, we provide quality X-ray generators or sensors, and they can be purchased separately.

With direct USB connectivity of our sensors and smart software programs, Our X-ray machines not only give you clear and visible images which can be saved and printed out , but also help you serve your patients better by providing you more diagnostic capabilities.

You are more than welcomed to contact with us, if you have questions about purchasing or you’re not completely satisfied with our dental X-rays machine. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and will do whatever we can to support.


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