About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

Who We Are

Dentalkeys is a brand specializing in the production of dental handpiece, portable dental unit, silicone impression material and teeth whitening machine, etc.
Our factory is located in Zhengzhou, China. Mainly of our products used for export, the main countries are the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia, etc.
The main features of our producrts are cost-effective and long lifetime. Over 10 years’ effort, we have gained a good reputation overseas and a high purchase rate.

How It Started

With the rapid development of dental industries in China, more and more people are willing to accept the dental products made in China.
There are several well-known dental brands abroad, but most of the prices are relatively high.
So we hope customers could get a reliable source for advanced dental products as well as solutions to specific dental applications.

Why Choose Us

Our products not only have a better price, but the most important thing is the technology innovating continuously, more and more loved and praised by customers. We want to lead the field of dental with better quality and service.
The price will be kept within a reasonable range so that more distributors have better choices. If you want to create your brand, we can provide the customized services.

Our Factory

Zhengzhou Fantastic Electronic Technology Co, Ltd is one company focus on the design, development, production, marketing, and service of dental and oral care products.
Our principle lies in “Customer Demands and Technology Innovation.”

Dentalkeys has a wide range of products such as Dental Handpiece, Teeth whitening machine, Silicone impression material, Portable dental unit, etc. These products will be used in the dental clinic, dental training school, dental laboratory, beauty salon, and Humanitarian rescue station.

We are committed to meet specific customer needs and application support to assist customers and refine our solutions to ensure we can provide an added value service. 

We have a special R & D team and quality supervision department.
The production of each order is controlled by a strict quality management system. Since we guarantee 100% accuracy, we will conduct a second sampling inspection of 80% of the goods before shipment. These steps could ensure each product is accurately and safely delivered to your hands. 

Health and safety first

Every dentist deserves to be respected, and medical career must be taken seriously.
The quality of medical products may directly affect a person’s health, sometimes not just oral health, so we only provide high-quality products to meet people’s health needs!


“Quality first, people-oriented” is our company’s business philosophy.
Through communication with customers, continue to improve our solutions to better meet the needs of customers.
The open working environment also provides us with more inspiration for continuous innovation. We will always strive to protect our oral health in the future!

Meet Our Team

Phyllis Ma


Email: info@dentalkeys.com

David Gu


Email: admin@dentalkeys.com

Ryan Tian

Chief Designer

Email: phylma@foxmail.com

Dina Zhu

Project Manager

Email: phylmaglobal@gmail.com