35%HP Professional Office Teeth Whitening Gel Kit

A professional 35%HP tooth whitening kit combined with nano-blue light technology can quickly remove dirt and pigments from enamel.
The whitening effect can be satisfied after 1-3 courses of treatment.

Model No



6%HP, 12%HP, 18%HP, 25%HP, 35%HP



OEM Packing



50 sets

Expiration Date

18 months

Lead Time

Trial order needs 3-5 days
OEM packing needs 15-18 days

Restricted Condition

Under 16 years age

Details about 35%HP Professional Office Teeth Whitening Gel Kit

One set clinic teeth whitening kit contains:

1 x Dual Syringe 5ml
1 x Shade Guide
1 x Light Cured Gum Protector 3ml
1 x C-type Cheek Retractor
1 x Dental Bib
2 x Cleaning Tooth Wipe
1 x Gel Brush
2 x Vitamin E Lip Oil
1 x Face Bib
6 x Saliva Towel

The Steps how to operate the teeth whitening kit with Professional teeth whitening machine: 

Step 1: Wear face bib, dental bib, safety glasses, and cheek retractor. Wipe the surface of teeth and gums with a clean tooth wipe. Mark the shade before the whitening process.
Step 2: Use a Vitamin E swab to moisturize the lips to avoid lip drying during the whitening process.
Step 3: Apply gum protector along the boundary between the gums and teeth. Please do not apply gum protection gel to the teeth to avoid affecting the whitening effects.
Step 4: Use the light-curing unit for 1 minute to make the gum protection gel get solid.
Step 5: Apply the whitening gel on the teeth surface evenly. Brush the gel on the gap between the teeth. The thickness of the gel is about 1.0 mm, and the amount of gel is 1-1.5ml one time.
Step 6: Turn on the cold light machine for 15 minutes of treatment.
Step 7: The teeth whitening machine will be turned off after 10 minutes, then use a cotton to wipe the gel off. Repeat step three times.
Step 8: After doing 3 x 10 minutes, use the shade guide to compare with teeth color. To see how many shades improved.

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