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The 6 Best Teeth Whitening Machines of 2021

Tooth whitening has been popular for a long time, and although we have 10 years of experience in this field, we are always exploring how to do tooth whitening faster, more effectively, and more safely, to provide our customers with tooth whitening machines that are more suitable for them. What is the working principle of tooth whitening machines/lamps? The teeth whitening machine is to activate the ingredient of hydrogen peroxide with high-intensity color blue light 480-520nm, under the Oxidation-reduction, the effective ingredients pass through the dental tubule to remove the stains on the tooth. In other words, hydrogen oxide can dissolve the stains on the enamel and dentin layer, thus whitening teeth. The role of the teeth whitening machine in this process is to speed up the chemical reaction to remove stains, removing more stains at the same time, and you can also quickly have clean teeth in a short period to make your smile brighter. Although tooth whitening gel is the most important part of tooth whitening, we can not ignore the significant promoting effect of the instrument. Do I need a tooth whitening machine? Tooth whitening machines are generally only used for professional dental clinics or beauty salons and need to work together with professional tooth whitening kits, so the operation process requires some work experience. When one patient chooses to go to the dental clinic for tooth whitening, then his/her demand must be whitening for faster and more effective treatment, so equipped with professional lamps is necessary.

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How to Whiten Teeth Fast and Health?

Everyone wants to have bright white and healthy teeth, which can bring us confidence and more smiles. The rapid growth of tooth whitening products in the past decade also shows everyone’s demand and huge market potential. Many people learned how to whiten teeth, but some methods need to be verified, or the effect is not so good, so what is the fastest way of tooth whitening now? At present, the fastest method of tooth whitening is In-office whitening. The dentist will do the professional whitening treatment with whitening gel and a cold blue light tooth whitening machine, which can make teeth have a significant whitening improvement in less than 30 minutes. 1. What are the simple suggestions for improving the condition of teeth? You may easily find some suggestions below to improve the condition of your teeth. Use dental floss. Flossing can effectively remove food residue in tooth gaps and reduce the growth of dental plaque and bacteria. Replace toothbrushes with electric toothbrushes. The vibration frequency and strength of an electric toothbrush are more scientific. It can avoid gum damage caused by excessive force, and remove more stains than an ordinary toothbrush. Quit smoking In addition to smoking, tar and nicotine found in tobacco can quickly turn a smoker’s teeth yellow. Rinse your mouth in time after drinking colored drinks Brush your teeth after drinking colored drinks such as coffee and tea, which can effectively prevent pigments from sticking to your teeth, just like we need to gargling after meals.

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