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LED Dental Turbine

Triple spray, Anti-retraction, Kavo/NSK compatible, Self-luminous, Low noise.

Adopt the world’s top miniature bearings to ensure the durability of the dental turbines. At the same time, the bearing also makes the dental turbines perform well in terms of noise and vibration.

It is worth noting that the anti retraction system is designed to prevent residues or impurities from being inhaled into the handpiece, to effectively prevent the mechanical performance of the handpiece from being damaged, and establish a solid defense system to prevent cross-infection.

Triple water spray has an excellent cooling effect and avoids the discomfort caused by overheated teeth during cutting.

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Different countries prefer different turbines.
Generally in the US dentist love E generator LED handpiece better. While in the European country most dentists prefer fiber optic dental handpieces.

6 months for cartridge, 12 months for the whole handpiece.
(Under the premise of correct operation)

Don’t worry about what will happen to the machine on the road, because the outer shell of the machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is very strong, durable, and wear-resistant. We have many customers who carry portable therapeutic devices to provide door-to-door service.

The red light is used for oral health care, and the purple light is used for oral sterilization. But if you only need the whitening teeth function, it’s okay to choose the machine that only has the Blue light.


It is a kind of addition-cure rubber impression material composed of vinyl polysiloxane and various fillers. It is specially engineered to create precise, consistent impressions.

Yes, the effect is good. We have been selling tooth whitening sets for nearly ten years and have helped many companies to establish their tooth whitening brands.

We suggest that the professional tooth whitening kit work together with the cold light tooth whitening instrument, the effect is faster, and it can improve 4-9 color shades in 30 minutes.

First of all, we can provide machines that match different brands, such as the woodpecker, SATELEC, EMS and so on.
Secondly, our machine has 15 patents, which are excellent in terms of stability and heat dissipation.
Thirdly, we offer a shelf life of 15 months, while most of the other machines on the market have a shelf life of 12 months because we have more confidence in our quality.

No matter which machine you buy, if there are any problems, we will provide free accessories and instructions on how to repair them during the warranty period. And we will provide lifelong maintenance service.