Powerful 60W Dental LED Laser Teeth Whitening Light

60W High Power, bright up teeth 6-12 shade guide within 30 minutes
Dutch Design, Luxury experience could attract customers well
12 Pieces Cold Led Blue Lights, full range of tooth
2 Years Warranty

Model No


Input voltage






Illumination density


Constant temperature

35-40 degree centigrade

Amount of LED tube

12 pieces

Dimension of the carton




Details about Powerful 60W Dental LED Laser Teeth Whitening Light

1. External color of the pigment Nien teeth( smoke spot, coffee spot, tea spot, and so on)
2. Internal pigment teeth, tetracycline pigmentation teeth, dental fluorosis.
3. Hereditary xanthone
4. Dark and yellow teeth caused by unknown reasons.

Teeth whiten process:
1. Clean the client’s teeth first.
2. Use the shade guide to compare the client’s teeth (In order to compare the effect of tooth whitening)
3. use a VE cotton tip to moisturize lips to prevent chapped
4. Use the C type retractor to open the mouth
5. Use teeth whiten wipe to clean the tooth.
6. Paint gum dam (about gel, The higher the concentration, the better the effect, but the high
the concentration of gel will make the gums of the customer feel burning, so we will use the gum protector to
protect the gums, and use curling light to dry the gum protector)
7. use a little brush to brushing teeth whiten gel(the 5ml gel can be divided into two or three times)
8.Use teeth whiten lamp first to shining for 10-15mins.
9.After 10-15 mins, You need to remove the teeth whitening gel, judge the whitening effect.
10.You need to use teeth whitening gel for customers again, and second, shining for 10-15 mins.
11.In general, after two treatments, the effect of tooth whitening will be very good, use the shade guide to compare.
12.Finish the treatment, remove the gum protector, and use other teeth wipe to clean the tooth.
13.let the patient gargle.

FT-888C teeth whitening machine details

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