P9 Dental Ultrasonic Scaler with Endodontic Periodontic

P9 Scaler comes with H3 Alloy Detachable ( Autoclavable, EMS compatible )
Handpiece, Scaling and Perio, and Endo Function included.
CE & FDA Certified.

Model No


Adapter Input

230V-50/60HZ 150mA / 110V-50/60HZ 300mA

Output power


Output primary tip vibration excursion


Output tip vibration frequency


Output half-excursion force


Water flow rate


Weight of main unit


Operating mode

Continuous operation




15 months

Details about P9 Dental Ultrasonic Scaler with Endodontic Periodontic

The advantages:
1. Better heat dispersion. The handpiece shell is made of aluminum alloy in order to solve the thermal dissipation problem, and all radiation fins are made of aluminum alloy materials. The user feels hot when holding a plastic handpiece mainly because plastic does not disperse heat well.
2. Detachable Aluminum alloy strength is much better than plastic and it will not crack, while plastic is easy to crack after repeating autoclave.
3. Very comfortable when handling.
4. aluminum alloy handpiece quality is much better than made of plastic.
5. The pump of P9 is not a peristalsis one, and it can avoid many troubles compared with traditional peristalsis one.
6. Built-in power supply with a smaller volume is much safer, more convenient than a portable one.
7. Identifying the scaler tip automatically.
8. Silent working pump. The pump not only saves consumables but also mutes.
9. Independent and wide-mouth bottle is easy to be cleaned and added liquid inside. We offer 2pcs bottles.
10. TW3 aluminum alloy torque wrench. Has a unique patent certificate. We use magnets on it, which can help it absorb the tip of the scale to avoid accidentally falling and harming dentists or patients. At the same time, its special clamping device can prevent the dentist from screwing into the tip of the scraper without damaging the tip. Now there are no magnets on the wrenches in other factories. TW3 can unscrew the top more than 3000 times, but others can only twist it about 500 times.

The condition of the working environment:
1. Environmental temperature: +10’C to +40’C
2. Environmental humidity: 0 to 80%
3. Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa to 1060hPa.

Packing details:
1 piece/color box
Carton size: 53*46*22cm

dental scaler P9 details

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