VPS Silicone Dental Putty Impression Material 350g*2 kit

Dentalkeys fast set putty material is a kind of addition-cure rubber impression material composed of vinyl polysiloxane and various fillers. It is with neutral smell and specially engineered to create precise, consistent impressions.

1. Good stability
2. Best flexibility and High tear resistance
3. Excellent wettability
4. Long term storage
5. Best recovery
6. High color contrast

Model No


One set contains

1 * 350g Putty Base
1 * 350g Putty Catalyst
2 * Scoops

Main ingradients

Vinyl polysiloxane

Mixing Time

2 mins

Setting Time

2 mins

Recovery of elasticity





Fast Set

Valid Time

2 years

OEM Packing


Details about VPS Silicone Dental Putty Impression Material 350g*2 kit


Mixes easily in two minutes
Intraoral setting time is two minutes ( can be adjustable)
A faster intraoral setting time could be customized
Premium vinyl polysiloxane produces reliable, consistent impressions
Excellent dimensional stability
Base and catalyst are available packings in 350-gram/20-gram plastic tubs
Natural scent


Step 1: Get the impression tray and stand in front of a mirror.
Step 2: Open the set of putty, both white and color.
Ensure that your hands are clean to prevent dust or dirt from contacting the putty.
Step 3: Use fingers to knead the impression material to a uniform color within 45s or less.
Step 4: Roll into the shape of a log. The Load is spread evenly into the upper tray.
Make sure it is filled from edge to edge. It’s better to do this process in the 90s.
Step 5: Place the tray over the center of the teeth and press gently to the end.
Let it rest for approximately 3 minutes.
Step 6: Open the mouth and pull down straight.
Step 7: Repeat the procedure for the lower tray. You will get the perfect teeth impression.


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