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Dental Digital X-ray Machine Makes Treatment More Professional and Credible

What is an X-ray machine? At the end of the 19th century, scientist discovered the X-Ray which is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength range of 0.01 to 10 nanometers and can’t be seen by naked eye. Usually, digital X-Ray machine mainly consists of two parts, X-ray generator and sensor. X-ray generator emits a beam of concentrated electrons which come into contact with human tissue and are absorbed to different degrees by different tissues. Digital sensor instead of film is used to capture residual X-ray images. The teeth and surrounding bones that have absorbed the rays appear lighter on the X-Ray sensor. In case of decay, missing teeth or broken bones, it will be shown by darkened areas on the entire oral cavity. However, with some tweaks on the X-Ray generator, where the ability of the rays is set to different wavelengths, soft tissue also can be seen. This is the basic principle of taking pictures with X-ray machines. The most common digital x-rays machines in dental office include two types: the intraoral X-ray and the extraoral X-ray. As its name implies, intraoral X-ray is that sensor is inside the mouth, such as Bitewing X-rays,Periapical X-rays;  extraora X-ray is that sensor is outside the mouth, such as Panoramic X-rays,  Computed Tomography X-ray.                                                                     Periapical X-rays         

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