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9 Tips for Attention in the Maintenance of Dental Handpiece

A dental handpiece is an important tool for dentists to use every day. It is a precise instrument, so the price is not as low as ordinary dental tools. Careful maintenance and maintenance of the dental handpiece is necessary. We know that correct operation is significant. But it is a pity that most of the issues are still caused by improper maintenances and operation. We hope these 9 tips of maintenance can give you more help and avoid some unnecessary losses. 1. The Correct Range of Air Pressure and Speed Many dentists know so much about the dental handpiece to ignore to read the instruction manual. But sometimes they will forget to adjust the correct air pressure. Higher air pressure will speed up the abrasion of the bearing, which is one of the most frequent issues. The standard air pressure of a high-speed dental handpiece: Standard head: 0.20-0.25Mpa. Torque head: 0.25-0.30Mpa. 2. Clean Air and Water Supply Please make sure that your air compressor is a medical oil-free air compressor. Please make your dental chair equipped with a water & air filter and ensure that the air supply is clean and dry. The blocked pipes of the dental handpiece and chair will cause the bearings to wear out fast, which can reduce the turbine’s torque and even cause cross-infection. 3. Cleaning Please clean the handpiece shell with a soft brush and alcohol or warm water. Do not put the dental handpiece in the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Do not put the

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