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How to Select the Right Self-contained Portable Dental Delivery Unit?

Portable dental units are designed and developed to meet door-to-door oral health care. It has the characteristics of small size, easy to carry, complete functions, and so on. Because of their advantages and convenience, the portable dental units can achieve the functions of the large fixed dental unit when they work together with the mobile dental chair, and they can be widely used in dental clinics, hospitals, training schools, military medical organization, and veterinary clinics. We have been in contact with portable dental units for more than ten years, from the initial simple style to now a variety of different styles, different functions, and can be modified to meet the specific needs of customers. So they are very popular now.  What are the basic configurations of portable therapeutic instruments? 1. Silent oil-free air compressor. Provide power for the machine, built-in installation, easy to operate 2. 3-Way syringe 3. High and low-speed handpiece holder. We choose the imported silicone handpiece holders, which have super wear resistance and longer service life. 4. Saliva ejector It is necessary to discharge oral sewage. What are the additional configurations of portable dental units? 1. Built-in LED curing light. It can quickly cure the dental resin. 2. Ultrasonic built-in woodpecker dental scaler. 3. Fiber-optic handpiece holders We can be modified in addition. 4. Electric Motor Can be equipped with an electric motor. 5. Portable dental chair Let’s introduce some popular ones. Model No: FT-DK01 Standard Accessories: 1* Built-in air compressor 1* Built-in storage tanks 1* Saliva

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