Digital Vatech Ezsensor Soft Dental X-Ray Sensor

Feature of x-ray sensor dental digital:
1. Made in Korea
2. Shaped for comfort
3. The EzSensor Soft is shaped for the arch.
4. Soft edges reveal the hidden area
5. Soft touch ensures ultimate patient comfort
6. Top Class Durability – Cable Bending
7. IP68 Highest level of Ingress, Solids, Liquids Protection

Model No



APS CMOS sensor

External dimension (mm)

40.8*30.6mm (size1.5)

Sensor Active Area

33*23.98mm (size1.5)

High Resolution Mode

33.78 lp/mm (theoretical)

Dynamic Range

12 bit

Cable Length

≥ 3m



Details about Digital Vatech Ezsensor Soft Dental X-Ray Sensor

Packing list:
1. Manual   1pcs
2. CD    1pcs
3. X-Ray Sensor and Control Box   1pcs
4. Holder   1pcs

5. Sleeves   50pcs

 Technical Specification
Sensor: APS CMOS sensor

External dimension (mm) :27.5×38.5(size1) ; 32.3×44.3(size 2)

Sensor Active Area : 22.5×30(size1) ; 27×36(size2)

Sensor Thickness : 6mm

Dynamic Range : 4,096

Power : USB2.0 (5V, 4.25min)

Image Transfer Time :< 3sec

Cable Length :.> 2m

Detector: CMOS

Pixel Size: 14.8

Theoretical Resolution: 33.78

Dynamic Range: 12 bit

Taking images with rigid edge sensors can be a painful experience.
EzSensor Soft is different.
With reduced pain for the patient, the staff will be able to accurately position the
The intra-oral sensor on the region of interest. This allows the clinician to position more
easily and works more efficiently.


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