Wireless Endo Motor with Apex Locator

The endo motor has a built-in 1500mA large-capacity battery, which can be charged wireless and wired.
The charging time is about 4 hours.

Model No



With Apex Locator

Handle lithium battery


Range of torque


Range of speed


Atmospheric pressure


Details about Wireless Endo Motor with Apex Locator

1 Product Description
The endo motor is mainly used in the root canal therapy process,
and is a device for root canal formation and cleaning in the root
canal preparation stage.
It helps the dentist complete the root canal treatment.

2.The features of this endo motor are as follow:
a. HD OLED screen
b. Wireless handle and more convenient operation
c. Wireless charging to avoid poor contact of traditional contact type charging
d. 10 custom programs and 6 working modes
e. Large capacity battery and longer working hours
f. Individual root measurement
g. When rotation, long-press the “ON/START”key to enter into reverse function
h. Wired and wireless dual charging mode
i. Automatic start-stop

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