LED Internal Spray Low Speed Dental Handpiece Set

LED internal irrigation low-speed kit including LED contra angle 1pcs, straight handpiece 1pcs, air motor 1pcs.
LED contra-angle, E-generator, self-illuminated, push-button chuck type.
CA bur 2.35mm and FG bur 1.60mm heads for choice.
4 or 2 holes air motor connector, fit for different customers needs.

Model No


One set contains

1 x Internal LED Contra angle
1 x Internal straight handpiece
1 x Internal air motor

Chuck Type

Push Button

Working Air Pressure

0.20-0.25MPa(0.22MPa preferred)

Rotation speed


Bur Applicable

CA bur 2.35mm, FG bur 1.60mm


Internal Water Spray


4, 2

OEM Brand


Details about LED Internal Spray Low Speed Dental Handpiece Set

After each treatment, Sterilizing handpiece in an autoclave according to the following steps:

1.Remove the bur and brush clean handpiece, clean outside of handpiece with an alcohol solution.
2.Lubricate handpiece, each time drop two drops inside of air inlet pipe.
3.Place into autoclaving pouch and mark.
4.Autoclave the handpiece for 12 minutes at 135℃.

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